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Eyes can't look at you any other way.

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Hey everyone, I'm robkristenlove or you can call me Ashlie. I started this journal to learn more about writing and become more involved in the Robsten community. The stories I post are mainly for my own selfish needs, but I love to share on occasion. Writing is a beautiful outlet that allows me to take these ideas that seem to swim around in my head and attempt to make something of them. I am young and very beginner, so this is just something that I enjoy doing. It has been wonderful to recognize that my daydreaming has a small purpose.

Please feel free to comment me anytime! I love talking to new people, especially those who add me as a friend. Also, critisism is greatly appreciated. Thank you all very much!

With love,

PS. If you would like to follow me on twitter, for whatever reason my account is: www.twitter.com/ActuallyAshlie
There is a friend block in place, but send me a request and I will add you.